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Journal of peoples University of Medical and Health Sciences (JPUMHS) Nawabshah, Pakistan publishes original manuscripts, case reports and reviews on topics related to medical and health sciences. JPUMHS is a peer reviewed journal and is published quarterly 4 issues per year.
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Vitamin D Insufficiency Among the Adult Women of Remote Areas of Pakistan.
Niaz Hussain Keerio1, Nasrullah Aamer2, Raheel  Akbar Baloch3, ,Nouman Memon4, Arslan Abro5 , Syed Shahid Noor6,

A Cross-Sectional Study of  Mobile Phone use by Teachers and their Dress Attir in Class Room  of  Nursing Student's in Medical Universites of Sindh-Pakistan.
Ahsanullah Qureshi1, Rasheeda Ahsan Qureshi2, Moti Ram Bhatia3, Gotam Kumar Jeswani4, Bashiran Chachar5, Shabnam Bibi Pirzada6

Assessment of Different Risk Components in 150 Subjects Suffering From Acute Coronary Syndrome (ACS) at a Tertiary Care Hospital.
Ghulam Fareed Shah1, Muhammad Khan Soomro2, Jagdesh Kumar Khatri3, Qurban Ali Rahu4, Anwar Ali Jamali5, Ashok Kumar lohano6

Emergence of Chikungunya Cases From Urban to Rural Areas of Sindh: The Role of Travel and Climatic Conditions.
Jamil Ahmed Soomro1, Suhail Ahmed Bijarani2, Abdul Manan Soomro3, Liaquat Ali Halo4, Allah Bachayo Rajar5, Masood Ali Qureshi6.

Assessment of the Awareness regarding Diabetic Neuropathy Complication among the Diabetic Patients of Nawabshah Pakistan.
Arslan Ahmer1*, Awais Bashir Larik2, Niaz Hussain Jamali3, Hamid Ali Kazi4 ,Gulshan Ali Memon5, Anwar Ali Jamali6.

Evaluation of Frequency of Proteinuria among Diabetic Patients at Peoples Medical College Hospital Nawabshah Pakistan.
Aamir Shahzad Malik1, Hamid Ali Kazi2 , Safdar Ali Parvez Tunio3 , Arslan Ahmer4 Jabbar Abbas5, Tahseen Ahmed6, Niaz Hussain Jamali7

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